Plant-Based Purple Products That Outshine: The Wait Is Over

Plant-Based Purple Products That Outshine: The Wait Is Over

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 We get it, being platinum blonde is an energy draining commitment of continual upkeep for most…but not for all! Continue reading for tips on how to hack the system of keeping healthy, hydrated, and perfectly toned platinum blonde hair without having to run back to the salon so often.

With simple knowledge of color theory and the proper arsenal of top quality purple pigmented products, there is no need to be married to a toner, risk damaging hair health, or overspend frequenting the salon in order to eliminate unwanted warm, brassy tones from stealing your spotlight. Major hair magic happens when you marry organic cold-pressed ingredients with toner- something that has been missing in the clean beauty market for far too long until Wellness Premium Products released their multi award-winning Platinum Collection voted #1 hair care overall on stage by global beauty professionals.

Blondes do have more fun, but why settle for toxic products when you can still have it all -while being healthy?

All formulas are made by actual professionals behind the chair and include modern micro-capsule technology, which is a fancy way of describing a patented technique that allows ingredients to stay fresh inside of capsules until they break open upon contact with the hair. Talk about taking genius to a whole next level. The Platinum Collection includes a full size Shampoo and a Toner-infused Mask, both 500ml and dressed in lovely packaging, which is more than double the amount of any standard professional product on shelves today. Did someone say super savings!? A little goes a long way. The mask is smooth, creamy, and spreads easily like no other.

You tell me, what are you waiting for to see how the Platinum Collection outperforms and far exceeds expectations with instant results all within the first wash? Shiny, silky, bright hair is guaranteed when you utilize the synergistic system for all upkeep needs on platinum blonde, silver, and even white hair types.

Pro Tip For High Achievers:

Be sure to check out the Wellplex Collection Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum as a recommended every day wash regimine. Stylists recommend Wellplex for all damaged hair types, especially regularly color treated hair, because on top of organic plant-based ingredients it is infused with hyaluronic acid and fiber plex- the stuff that rebonds each follicle to look brand new. You simply only need to use purple products once or twice a week to keep a striking complexion. Low maintenance and high impact is the name of the game. Not to mention, the Wellness Signature scent in Wellplex is so dreamy that it should seriously come with a warning! Get excited and #FindYourWellness at


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